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Tutorials, guides, and policies

Students Resources 

Identifying your Learning Style


Password Technical College Code of Conduct

General Student Rules of Conduct

Open Source Academic Data Base

How to create a GMAIL account

Guide Start meetings from the Meet application on iPhone / iPad (Spanish)

Guide Start meetings from the Meet application on Android (Spanish)

Guide Start video calls from Meet on a computer (Spanish)

How to Recover a GMAIL Account

Guide Show the screen during a meeting on an Android smartphone (Spanish)


Password Technical College Emergency Preparedness Plan (Spanish)

Faculty Handbook

Manual de Experiencia al Estudiante (Student Experience Handbook)

Academic Calendar

4-minute one-mile race

Student Financial Obligations 

Accreditation Resources 

Students- Survey for Middle States Accreditation

Staff, Teacher, Board - Survey for Middle States Accreditation

PTC Governance and Organization Resources Links

Organizational Chart

Documentation of governing body training/orientation

Policies and Procedures evaluating all personnel

Policies/Procedures governing student services of the school 
(admissions, placement of students in appropriate educational levels, transfer of academic credits)


Policies/Procedures defining appropriate student confidentiality and protection in communication concerning students in social media, websites, photographs, newsletters, etc.


Policies/Procedures ensuring course and materials meet content copyright law and fair use guidelines

Policies/Procedures ensuring diligence with employees, volunteers, contracted services personnel, and service providers are eligible to work with children

Policies and Procedures relating to child protection, bullying, and personal safety

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