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The Admissions Office of Password Technical College distributes, receives and evaluates applications for admission.

Admission Requirements:

I.    Students with a High School Diploma or equivalent must meet the following requirements:

1.    Complete an Application for Admission

2.    Provide a copy of high school diploma or a recognized   equivalent
* or transcript certifying completion of all graduation requirements. * It will be understood as equivalent recognized for the student by reliable certification that completed a High School program in a public school under the Department of Education of Puerto Rico or a private school authorized to operate by the Board of Education of PR (formerly General Education Council) or having study abroad that have been validated as equivalent to a USA High School by the Department of Education of PR or have passed the GED equivalency examinations or Free Studies Division of the Department of Education of Puerto Rico  (Law 217).

3.    Complete and sign an Enrollment Agreement.

4.    Provide Certificate of Immunization (if 21 years or less)


1.    The student must complete and submit the application form. It can be obtained from the Admissions Office. The application must be submitted with the admission requirements documentation mentioned above.

2.    Students from learning at home (home-schooling) must include:

•    evidence of having completed a program of study equivalent high school

•    affidavit that highlights the student studies (academic transcript) culminated in the mode of learning at home (home- schooling).
3.    The student must complete and sign an Enrollment Agreement.

If the applicant demonstrates that meets most, but not all requirements, it may be enrolled as always commit to provide the missing evidence on or before 30 days from the date of commencement of classes. However, his or her enrollment will be conditional, of not meeting delivery within 30 days granted may result in cancellation of registration.

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