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Length of Program: 11-12 months (900 hours) - Credential: Certificate


Program Description:

This program prepares students with the knowledge, skills, and practice to develop an Infrastructure IT Support technician. The studies include laboratory exercises focused primarily on the installation and configuration of operating systems, server configuration and installation, configuration and network installations, handling, and safety practices, both in a domestic environment, business, and industry. Customer service procedures, remote maintenance, and repair of computer systems and services also included. The student will gain experience practicing the knowledge and skills acquired in a company while studying. Upon completion, the student will validate their knowledge and skills by taking the CompTIA A+ & CompTIA Network + certification exams.


General Objectives:

The student will master the knowledge, skills, and theory in hardware and peripherals, mobile device hardware, networking and troubleshooting hardware and network connectivity issues. Installing and configuring operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, Apple OS X and Linux. It also addresses security, the fundamentals of cloud computing and operational procedures.


Specific Objectives:

The student must meet the following objectives:

  1. Install, remove and manage parts of a computer.

  2. Diagnose problems on a computer with as much certainty as possible.

  3. Equipment and accessories for PC Repair.

  4. Learn, explore and work with reparations programs and other tools.

  5. Browse communications between computers (Network Systems).

  6. Knowing the basics of a computer network.

  7. Develop skills to manage projects from initiation and planning stage and the stages of implementation, monitoring, and closing.

  8. Can serve as a computer technician and consultant information systems.

  9. Develop principles and values aimed at creating a professional ethic in the work area.

  10. Apply through practice the knowledge and skills acquired during the program.



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