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Password Technical College's mission is the development of skilled professionals, capable and resilient in a dynamic academic environment of excellence, using mechanisms of social and ethical skills to create a competent workforce.


To use innovative educational techniques in a highly technological environment in order to create highly competitive professionals with strong ethical bases.

Two Gamers

Core Values

We are N.I.C.E!
  • Novelty
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Excellence

Graduates' Profile

A graduate of Password Technical College is a multifaceted individual equipped with a robust set of skills, traits, and characteristics honed for the modern world. They are critical thinkers and adept problem solvers, articulate and empathetic communicators, and collaborative team players who thrive in diverse groups. Their innovative spirit and creativity fuel their approach to challenges, while their commitment to lifelong learning ensures they remain at the forefront of their fields. Ethical leadership, global awareness, and cultural competence underscore their actions, making them responsible citizens and leaders. Technologically savvy and environmentally conscious, these graduates are not just prepared to navigate the complexities and opportunities of the future; they are poised to lead and inspire change, embodying the values and vision of Password Technical College in every endeavor.

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