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Password Technical College's mission is the development of skilled professionals, capable and resilient in a dynamic academic environment of excellence, using mechanisms of social and ethical skills to create a competent workforce.


To use innovative educational techniques in a highly technological environment in order to create highly competitive professionals with strong ethical bases.

Two Gamers

Core Values

We are N.I.C.E!
  • Novelty
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Excellence

Graduates' Profile

Password Technical College, we are dedicated to nurturing graduates who embody our Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Our graduates are empowered individuals who have gained not only academic excellence but also a strong moral compass and a profound commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

  1. Mission-Driven Achievers: Our graduates demonstrate a deep understanding of our Mission, which is to provide an innovative and accessible education. They have pursued their studies with determination, continually seeking new ways to learn and excel. Their journey includes the acquisition and validation of knowledge and skills through professional certifications like CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, AWS, EC-Council, MIle 2, ISACA, and many others recognized by industry leaders.

  2. Visionary Thinkers: Our graduates have embraced our Vision of creating a brighter future for themselves and their communities. They are forward-thinking, imaginative, and unafraid to challenge conventions, driving positive change through innovation. Their certified expertise equips them to solve real-world problems effectively.

Core Values Champions:

  1. Novelty Seekers: Our graduates embrace Novelty, consistently seeking fresh perspectives and creative solutions to address complex challenges. Their diverse skill set, including industry-recognized certifications, positions them as creative problem solvers.

  2. Integrity Advocates: Ethical integrity is at the heart of our graduates' actions. They uphold honesty, respect, and accountability in all their endeavors, upholding the highest standards of professional conduct.

  3. Committed Leaders: Our graduates are committed to personal and collective growth. They take initiative, demonstrating leadership both within our school community and beyond. Their certifications reflect their commitment to continuous self-improvement and leadership in their fields.

  4. Excellence Pursuers: Striving for Excellence, our graduates continuously refine their skills and knowledge, raising the bar for themselves and inspiring others. Their pursuit of excellence extends to their certified proficiency in cutting-edge technologies.

Empathetic Global Citizens: Our graduates understand the value of Diversity and engage with empathy, valuing different cultures and perspectives. They are socially conscious and actively contribute to their local and global communities. Their certifications showcase their adaptability in diverse environments.

Tech-Savvy Innovators: Our graduates exhibit comfort with technology, leveraging it as a tool for innovation and communication, aligning with the demands of a rapidly changing world. Their certifications from industry leaders demonstrate their technical prowess and ability to navigate complex technological landscapes.

Lifelong Learners: Our graduates embody our commitment to Lifelong Learning. They understand that education is a continuous journey, consistently seeking opportunities to expand their horizons and deepen their knowledge. Their certifications reflect their dedication to staying at the forefront of their fields.

Responsible Advocates: Rooted in our Core Values, our graduates advocate for social responsibility. They leverage their education, certifications, and skills to drive positive change and contribute to a more just and equitable society. Their actions align with the ethical standards of their professions.

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