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Our goal is to constantly develop and improve our Continue Education programs, ensuring that they equip learners with the essential 21st-century skills vital in today's evolving job market. 


Additionally, we are committed to providing effective exam preparation for micro-credentials within our certificate programs, to ensure that our students are well-equipped and confident to validate their skills and knowledge in their respective professional fields.

Customer Complaint Process for Continuing Education Courses

1. Introduction
At Password Technical College, we are committed to providing high-quality continuing education courses and exceptional customer service. We recognize that occasionally, issues or complaints may arise. This document outlines our communication and resolution path for handling customer complaints to ensure they are addressed promptly and effectively.

2. Communication and Resolution Path

Step 1: Initial Complaint Submission
Method of Submission: Customers can submit complaints via the following methods:
  - Email:
  - Phone: 1-787-892-7947 
  - In-Person: At our campus location : 44 Felix Arce Lugo, San Germán, PR 00683
Information to Include:
-    Customer's full name and contact information
-    Course name and details
-    Detailed description of the complaint
-    Supporting documentation (if any)

Step 2: Acknowledgement of Receipt
Timeline: Within 24 hours of receiving the complaint
- Action: The customer will receive an acknowledgment via their preferred communication method, confirming that their complaint has been received and is being reviewed.

Step 3: Preliminary Review and Assignment
Timeline: Within 48 hours of acknowledgement
- Action: The complaint will be reviewed by the Customer Support Team and assigned to the appropriate department or personnel for investigation.

Step 4: Investigation and Resolution Proposal
Timeline: Within 5 business days of assignment
- Action: The assigned personnel will investigate the complaint, gather necessary information, and propose a resolution. This may include:
   - Reviewing course materials and instructor feedback
      - Speaking with involved parties
  - Evaluating any submitted evidence

Step 5: Communication of Resolution
Timeline: Within 7 business days of investigation
- Action: The proposed resolution will be communicated to the customer via their preferred communication method. This communication will include:
    - A summary of findings
    - Proposed resolution or corrective action
    - Steps for escalation if the customer is unsatisfied with the resolution

Step 6: Customer Feedback and Follow-Up
Timeline: Ongoing
- Action: The Customer Support Team will follow up with the customer within 14 days of the resolution to ensure satisfaction. Feedback will be documented and used for continuous improvement of our courses and services.

3. Escalation Process

If a customer is not satisfied with the initial resolution, they may escalate their complaint by following these steps:

- Step 1: Escalation Request: Submit an escalation request to the Customer Support Team via the original method of complaint submission.

- Step 2: Review by Senior Management: The escalation request will be reviewed by a member of the Senior Management Team within 3 business days.

- Step 3: Final Resolution: Senior Management will provide a final resolution within 5 business days of the escalation request.

4. Commitment to Continuous Improvement
Password Technical College is dedicated to continuously improving our courses and customer service. We encourage all customers to provide feedback and suggestions for improvement. All complaints and resolutions will be reviewed periodically to identify trends and areas for enhancement.

5. Contact Information
For any questions or additional assistance, please contact our Customer Support Team:
- Email:
- Phone: 1-787-892-7947
- Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM -12 PM to 1:00-5:00 PM (local time)

At Password Technical College, we value our customers and are committed to resolving any issues promptly and effectively. We appreciate your trust in our continuing education courses and strive to exceed your expectations.

Approved by:
Javier P. Irizarry Riveiro
Executive Director
Password Technical College


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