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August 2023


To the Remarkable Students and Staff of Password Technical College,

It is with an overwhelming sense of pride and gratitude that I address each and every one of you today. Your unwavering commitment, relentless dedication, and collective drive have brought Password Technical College to the threshold of an unparalleled achievement –


Our Candidacy for Accreditation with the Middle States Association - CESS.


Being on the journey to accreditation is not just about fulfilling criteria and meeting benchmarks. It is about demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence, pushing boundaries, and continuously aspiring to enhance the educational landscape. You all have shown that aspiration is not just a mere thought, but a living, breathing endeavor, manifested in every classroom session, every research project, and every administrative endeavor.

To our students: You are the lifeblood of this institution. Your thirst for knowledge, your enthusiasm for innovation, and your endless quest for personal and professional growth have made all our efforts worth it. Remember that this milestone is as much yours as it is the college's. Embrace it and take pride in the fact that you are not just students, but pioneers shaping the future of education at Password Technical College.

To our esteemed staff: Your tireless efforts, whether seen or unseen, have built the foundation upon which this institution stands. Your commitment to our shared vision has created a beacon of academic excellence. Your resilience, dedication, and unwavering support for our students have not only propelled us to this point but will also guide us into a future of continued distinction.

As we move forward in our journey with the Middle States Association - CESS, it’s crucial to remember that this is just a new beginning. Together, as a united front, we will continue to shape the destiny of Password Technical College, creating ripples of positive impact in the wider educational sphere.

Thank you for your invaluable contributions. Let's celebrate this achievement, and as we look to the horizon, let's set forth with renewed energy, passion, and commitment.

With heartfelt appreciation and unwavering belief in our collective strength,

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Querido estudiante:

Debido a todos nuestros esfuerzos para continuar brindando educación en modo en línea, también le estamos brindando las herramientas necesarias para continuar con nuestras operaciones administrativas. Una alternativa para acelerar los pagos de las coutas escolares es a través de la aplicación Business ATH Movil. Simplemente puede buscarnos en la opción de pago comercial y buscar / Passwordtech, también puede escanear el siguiente código de barras y continuar con su transacción. Su pronto pago es apreciado. Gracias por su apoyo y comprensión en estas circunstancias.  

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